Business Advisory Services, Boston, MA

From corporate entity structure to cash flow management to financial projections, the team at George R. Baxendale CPA, Inc. can provide the expertise and guidance for your business.

Corporate Business Entity Structure

We help clients understand the pros and cons of each business structure.

Budgeting & Cash Flow Management

We work with clients to customize a successful cash flow budget for their specific needs.

Tax Planning

Our team of professionals work with clients to legally reduce tax liability and to recommend tax savings strategies.

Choosing How to Structure Your Business

Corporate Business Entity Structure

Determining the right structure for your business is important. We work with clients to understand the differences so they feel confident selecting the entity that best suits their needs.

Cash Forecasting

Budgeting & Cash Flow Management

Cash forecasting is an important part of running a business. Our professionals work directly with clients managing cash flow using a business or cash flow budget.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning Services for Businesses and Individuals

Our team of professionals works with client to legally reduce tax liability and to recommend tax savings strategies to maximize after tax income and to build wealth in the future.

George R. Baxendale, CPA

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George R. Baxendale CPA, Inc. provides tax, business, and risk advisory services for start-ups and established businesses, as well as for individuals. We believe that the services we offer will help you achieve a broad range of your financial and business goals.

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